Salt & Pepper with a Twist!

Fancy a bit of fun at the dinner table?
Take out your frustrations on the personalities you love to hate with our mischievous range of celebrity salt and pepper grinders

Dead Wringers group

Available from our online shop £24.95 each

Grinds salt or pepper - with a very satisfying sound!
 Featuring a revolutionary twist with a patented grinding mechanism  
Original hand-painted designs and stylish packaging

Perfect gift for those hard to please - funnier than a new tie, and more useful too
Easily interchangeable heads to accommodate sudden reversals of fortune

Queen and PrincePrince or QueenBlair Queen Bush Prince

The range will expand to include many of the most annoying people in the world,
from rock stars to royalty, from footballers to celebrity chefs...

Nominations welcome

contact us at    enquiries  07505 653538

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- The Movie' at