Inside the head of every Dead Wringer, where the brain should be, there is a magnet

One of the things this magnet does is attach the head to the neck: when you need to refill your Dead Wringer pull the head off the neck, unscrew the adjusting nut,  and pull the neck off. 
Fill the torso with salt or pepper, and reassemble.

Wringer adjusting nutWringer neckFill wringer

The patented thing the brainy magnet does is prevent the adjusting nut from working loose during grinding.  Or falling off and rolling under the fridge.  Or into your dinner.

So, once you've set the adjusting nut to the coarseness or fineness of grind you like, when you replace the head,  it helps to keep your setting fixed.

How to adjust the coarseness or fineness of the grind:

Pull off the head and tighten the adjusting nut until it touches the top of the neck
(Do Not Over-Tighten!)

Turn the Dead Wringer UPSIDE DOWN.

The two circular white ceramic parts of the grinding mechanism should now fit together without a gap:

Grinder gap               Grinder adjusted
                                                Gap                                                                          No Gap

If there is a gap it's probably caused by bits of salt or pepper stuck between the ceramic parts.

With the Dead Wringer UPSIDE DOWN  twist the neck from side to side to dislodge any bits of salt or pepper. 

Once there is no gap between the two ceramic parts, push the neck up fully into the torso and  re-tighten the adjusting nut till it touches the neck (Do Not Over-Tighten!)

Turn the Dead Wringer the right way up.  The grind is now adjusted to its finest.  To make the grind coarser, unscrew the adjusting nut a little. 

When you've got the grind you like, replace the head.